Original Lacalut®

    The science of healthy teeth since 1925

    Frau mit roten Haaren

    For the sake of healthy teeth – with passion for more than 90 years

    First invented and developed in 1925, LACALUT® is one of Germany’s oldest oral care brands. It combines innovation, competence and passion to protect your healthy and carefree smile.

    Quality made in Germany

    Its efficacy has been well proven by numerous medical studies. The product line covers a wide range of dental needs, from products against bleeding gums to whitening toothpaste. All LACALUT® toothpastes are made in Homburg (Saarland), and the quality seal “made in Germany” distinguishes LACALUT® from many other oral care brands.


      Bleeding gums – warning signs & remedies


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      The LACALUT® product line

      What is really important for healthy teeth? An understanding of their needs and an unbridled passion for technological innovation. That’s the driving force behind all innovations in the LACALUT® product range.

      Brand & history

      With a history of more than 90 years, LACALUT® is one Germany’s oldest oral care brands – a brand that to this day combines innovation, competence and passion to ensure that its users can enjoy a healthy and carefree smile.
      3 fold Protection

      Improves sensitive teeth and gum problems

      Within just 4 weeks the condition of the gums improved by 20%.

      Go away pain: What sensitive teeth need

      It is not uncommon to feel an unpleasant pulling sensation in the teeth. Almost one in three of us suffers from sensitive teeth. However, even small, everyday changes can make a difference.